Alltech Directional Drilling

I love when I get a chance to work with other designers/developers specially when those other people are friends. It was through my friend Isaiah Downing that the Alltech project found my desk. He was working on their website and needed someone to come in and do a logo for the project. Working with Alltech was a really good experience. I was able to practice skills that all designers and developers have but aren’t used on a more regular basis, this is the written aspect of explaining not only your idea but also helping some people understand the difference between info graphics and a logo. During our first conversation the idea for the logo started out as a river, a town, a road, a mountain, a tractor, the drilling machine, a forest, some hills, a windmill and a house. They were eager to visually display, in one image, every aspect of what their company did. Through some emails and phone conversations I was able to help them pair down their company view to a more specific idea of “We drill in any direction under water and land.” It is this more condensed vision that we were then able to draw the final logo from. Using 3 representational colors, blue for water, brown for dirt and green for grass or surface areas we were able to get the idea of drilling through or under all of these in a precise and non cluttered solution. By the end of the project Alltech was very pleased with the outcome of the overall solution and I got to work on rusty skills. All in all it was a win win project.

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