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I got to spend a year working with CUI and it was a great experience. We started with the problem of having a website that had been pieced together several years prior and had not been touched since. With very little design to the site and a database that needed a complete rehaul we decided on starting from scratch. Being able to sit down as a group and hash out what should be main focuses of the site was quite an arduous task as the company itself was going through a shift of focus. After some iterations through a couple designs we got the go ahead for building the project out. For the project we worked with a 3rd party who took care of all the backend and database clean up. The site was originally made in a .Net environment and it was decided to keep it as such. It was my first experience with templating in a .net environment so it was fun to learn new things. After a year the project went live and it was time to move on to the next project!

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